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Soundtrack for CITY OF LOST DREAMS


  1. 1.     Träumerei – Robert Schumann
  2. 2.     Piano Sonata no. 14 in C Minor, K 457 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. 3.     Piano Trio in B-Flat Major, Op. 97 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Pollina Rutherford, a blind musical prodigy, gives a concert at the Lobkowicz palace museum in Prague. “Zounds!” says a listener. “The girl is a wizard.”


  1. 4.     Tales from the Vienna Woods – Johann Strauss II

Sarah Weston finds herself at a Ball in Vienna. Her dirndl is rather tight.


  1. 5.     Das Schönste auf der Welt – Traditional

According to a member of the Vienna police, even drunkards should sing in tune.


  1. 6.     Symphony no. 9 in D minor (“Ode to Joy”) – Ludwig van Beethoven

Sarah contemplates the Klimt Beethoven frieze and wonders if LVB would have liked it. Too pretty?


  1. 7.     Adagio in C major, K. 356 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

An example of what Franz Anton Mesmer might have played to his patients on his glass armonica. Opinions vary on whether the armonica heals, or drives people to madness.


  1. 8.     Fuga sopra il Magnificat, BWV 733 – J.S. Bach

Sarah is turned off by the scary gold baby angels above the main altar of the Michaelerkirche, but stays to listen to the organ. She almost prays.


  1. 9.     Radetzky March, Op. 228 – Johann Strauss I

At the Haus der Musik, Sarah watches a virtual Zubin Mehta conduct, and ponders her career choices.


  1. 10.    Overture, “Fidelio”, Op. 72 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Sarah is thrilled to visit the Theater an der Wien where Luigi conducted his only opera. She is less thrilled to discover what is lurking on the stage.


  1. 11.   The Makropulos Affair (aka: The Makropulos Case) – Leoš Janáček

Sarah listens to a nanobiologist sing opera while experimenting on a rat. Neither Sarah nor the rat enjoy the singing.


  1. 12.   Overture, “The Magic Flute”, K 620 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Pollina generously lends a few musical ideas to another child prodigy.